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Hamilton, Ontario
Toronto, Ontario
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Male 31
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Free Thinker
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    The Wall

    J_Hay     Nov 19th, 2012
    Unused wall is unused.

    Wow this thing is dusty....
    55Mercury     Oct 5th, 2011
    I understand the highlight thing, Jay, but I have to wonder how you got along before there was an internet. lol um, you see, if I let you on my friends list then I'd have to be friends with - *points hand in a level sweeping arc* - e v e r y b o d y e l s e. And how would poor alleywayz feel if we made it official when I denied him the same just a few short weeks ago? Dejected? Miserable? Forsaken by the very God he loves? I'd like to think a real friend would agree that I just couldn't inflict such trauma on another human being. compris?
    55Mercury     Oct 5th, 2011
    aw shucks, Jay. Can't we be friends without the whole world knowing?
    J_Hay     Oct 5th, 2011
    Fixed my computer, oh so happy now
    shadowshiv     Sep 30th, 2011
    No problem.
    Cliffy     Sep 29th, 2011
    Ah, the idealism of youth. Nice to see someone who can think outside the box. Next step is to climb outside and abandon the box all together. Welcome.
    In Between Man     Sep 29th, 2011
    Thank you!
    J_Hay     Sep 29th, 2011
    ~Scribbles on obscenely white wall~
    J_Hay     Sep 29th, 2011
    And lovely....It's pouring out >___> Gf's gonna be livid..
    J_Hay     Sep 29th, 2011
    Working on a Information piece about the Tar Sands >o> Pain in the ass. But hey, why not right?


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      Hamilton, Ontario
      Toronto, Ontario
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      Unemployed Student
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      At the moment I'm rooting for the Hamilton Ti-Cats
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      Free Thinker
      Anime.. literature
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      "Two sides of the same coin, and I'm the metal in-between."
      Hmm, I've gotta describe me huh?
      Optimistic with bursts of realism.
      Eco-friendly but not over the top.
      Charming but not over-bearing.
      Friendly but not a pushover.
      Opinionated but open to new ideas.


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