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    El Barto     Jan 23rd, 2014
    odd eh ? the Japanese really improved over the years . when you get your rick will you post pictures?
    Kreskin     Jan 23rd, 2014
    I agree with you on Japanese built. American has nothing over it. A friend of mine has a Japanese Strat that's as good or better than any Strat around.
    El Barto     Jan 23rd, 2014
    Surprisingly I wanted an American made fender jazz bass and this one is a Japanese make.... the American one didn't feel right nor did it sound the same , still it is a sold at 1200 bucks
    El Barto     Jan 23rd, 2014
    yes it is but it is not a Rick
    El Barto     Jan 23rd, 2014
    ahh never saw one up close , I am still inlove with my Geddy lee signature serie jazz bass... never had a touch that was so low
    El Barto     Jan 23rd, 2014
    I saw a picture of a Rickenbacker bass , new model , the edges were round where the contour inlay is , have you seen it?
    El Barto     Jan 23rd, 2014
    What is the difference with a 4001?
    I know I loved the stereo jack feature where each pickup had it's own channel... it sucked my neck was warped , I loved that bass
    Zan     Jan 15th, 2014
    Heya! hows things?
    Eutaphodia     Apr 22nd, 2013
    Hey I just login to the CAN site to ask if you are able to get onto Google as I am not able to. Wondering if it is my computer or if Google is experiencing a problem. Could you check Google to see if you can get on and let me know. Thanks.
    Angstrom     Jan 8th, 2012
    I love forest Gump too


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    Campbell River shots
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