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    Mowich     Nov 15th, 2009
    With less than an hour and a half left before game time, I am getting really excited now. Yet it isn't without a tinge of sadness that I prepare to watch the games for this will mark the countdown to the end of the season, which is way too short as is. Only two weekends left after this to indulge my love of the CFL, and love it I do.

    The CFL provides millions of Canadians with our own unique brand of football. Maybe it is even a part of our identity, at least those of us who support it. As a supporter, I am planning to write the CFL commissioners with my concerns about their possible move to limit the number of Canadians on our teams which to me seems perverse at best. I don't know all the facts surrounding this possbile move but I intend to find out in the coming months and do my utmost to prevent it.
    The CFL rules. Long live the CFL and all its fans. Now I am off to make final preps prior to game time.
    Andem     Nov 15th, 2009
    Its your signature. I believe after a certain amount of posts you get that option.
    Andem     Nov 14th, 2009
    When you post a new thread or in full reply mode, you may add an attachment.
    Andem     Nov 13th, 2009
    Welcome to Canadian Content!
    Mowich     Nov 10th, 2009
    Now that the Roughriders have shown their obvious superiority on the field of play, I am waiting to see who they will meet in the Western Semi-final. It should be yet another sell-out for Mosaic (Taylor Field) stadium and will show the CFL once more just which province has the best support in the enitre league. Go Rider, Go.
    Mowich     Nov 10th, 2009
    Dad died last year and his wife sold the land. My sister Mary lives bought a house in Craven this summer and has part ownership in a small bistro/restaurant there.
    So now we know that Sask is in the semi-finals who do you think will be our opponents?
    Mowich     Nov 10th, 2009
    How long have you lived in Regina?
    Ron in Regina     Nov 10th, 2009
    An Uncle of Mine had a Farm east of Craven...east of the #6 (turn off
    the highway at the 'Top Of The Valley Store' about 5mi. and it sat on
    the south rim-top of the Qu'Appelle Valley.
    Ron in Regina     Nov 10th, 2009
    I'm not going to guess at home towns, But Dexter Sinister and Petros
    and Lindyloo646 and Myself all currently live in Regina.
    Ron in Regina     Nov 10th, 2009
    Hometown of Regina, Sk too eh? Cool.


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