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    Mowich     Jun 22nd, 2019
    I do enjoy reading your posts, Johnnny - you bring a refreshing point of view to the forum. I may not always agree with your posts but I find them thought-provoking a good deal of the time. Keep posting.
    Yo0     May 25th, 2018
    Sverrrrrrrige. I hate this country.
    vinod1975     Nov 18th, 2012
    Hello Johnny

    How are you doing , I just logged in after long time

    In Between Man     Dec 24th, 2011
    Sorry to hijack your thread "How do you know" but that's the way it goes sometimes...

    But like I said, my opinion is that you are indeed a good poster because you can formulate an argument with reasons and not just assertions, or plain insults. Cheers!
    Johnnny     Nov 6th, 2011
    I recommend anyone reading my wall to take a hike. Keep rolling pal, nothing to see here...!!!!!
    Ron in Regina     Jul 24th, 2010
    I can haul 300lbs of dogs easily in it, & moved a Lazy-Boy recliner in it
    without having to pull out the seats a few days back. It's still a front-wheel
    drive with a four cylinder so it's easy on the pocketbook.

    It's the Limited Edition package so it's loaded to the snot with all the
    goodies, including the ridged sport-tuned suspension, making it pretty
    agile too. Bit of body-roll on the cloverleaf's but it's very manageable.

    I bid on it at the auction a couple weeks ago 'cuz I always thought these
    where pretty ugly vehicles, and so do most others I believe, so that
    explains the price I got it for. I've had it for a couple weeks now (...& have
    only managed to use 1/3 of a tank of fuel....), & it's growing on me.
    Ron in Regina     Apr 21st, 2010
    You're in S'toon? I thought you where up in Points North?
    judy1105     Apr 15th, 2010
    No ,it is not my baby .It is a very lovely baby picture .I like it very much .So put it here to share with you all the friends here !
    talloola     Apr 15th, 2010
    thank you so much, he is such a fun little guy, we named him
    'gus', he is 5 mos old, and allready climbs all over the dog,
    and has turned him back into a puppy at 11 yrs old.
    Zan     Mar 3rd, 2010
    Hi Johnny, I just wanted to stop by and say I'm sorry to hear about your Grampa - I'm sure he knows how much you love him, and it probably brings him great comfort. Take care.


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