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    shadowshiv     Jan 15th, 2010
    I wish I were so lucky...with what exactly?
    El Barto     Jan 13th, 2010
    hahah it all deepends on who enjoys it more hahahaha
    El Barto     Jan 13th, 2010
    Don't you want to do it for free? hahahahahaha
    El Barto     Jan 13th, 2010
    El Barto     Jan 12th, 2010
    French issue? you mean my backside right?
    El Barto     Jan 12th, 2010
    got your attention tho hahaha teach you to mouse me over hahahah
    El Barto     Jan 12th, 2010
    hope you didn't get that wrong , it was about me
    Mowich     Jan 12th, 2010
    Me too, Angela. My sis in Regina sent me the book One Hundred Years of the Saskatchewan Roughriders - what a treasure it is. She even got some of the players to autograph it for me - Bonus!
    Mowich     Jan 11th, 2010
    I was wondering when I would start to hear about players leaving. I know Andy really wants to play in the NFL as do a couple of others. I hate to see them go as it took so much work to get the team to where it is today. I caught the Roughrider press conference on the status of Eric Tillman the other day. It made the National news. To bad we he resigned but it is done now and the team has to move on.
    shadowshiv     Jan 4th, 2010
    Did you get my PM? Would you still like a card or would you prefer me to wait for your birthday?


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