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    spaminator     Mar 27th, 2013

    Sal     Jan 25th, 2013
    Well it is good to see that there are still some people here that I know after having been gone for so long. Glad that your 2013 is looking better than your 2012.
    Sal     Jan 24th, 2013
    Sparrow, my gosh it has been forever... great to see you again!!♦
    Sparrow     Nov 17th, 2012
    I will try my best. I think I am just getting lazy have had a rough time since last November but things seem to be falling into order, so here hoping it will continue. Thanks for your note.
    Goober     Nov 16th, 2012
    You are not around as often. Drop in more often.
    karrie     Dec 31st, 2010
    Happy New Year Sparrow!
    shadowshiv     Dec 22nd, 2010
    No worries, Sparrow. I was glad to help.

    Merry Christmas!
    Zan     Dec 20th, 2010
    Hi Sparrow - don't feel silly, I had the same problem when Andem moved to this new format.... you just go to the main index on the front page, and then scroll down to the Science & Environment forum and the icon to post a new thread is located on the top right side of the page (here's a quick link to get you there)
    shadowshiv     Nov 2nd, 2010
    Sparrow, I just wanted to let you know that I merged your thread with one created by Bcool. I used your title for the thread, but moved it to Canadian Politics instead.
    karrie     Aug 13th, 2008


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