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    TenPenny     Jul 28th, 2010
    Thanks for the Iceland pics; nice to see what it's really like.
    Timclark     Feb 17th, 2010
    My wife is planning to try and get her first mortgage. She has a permanent position with the Government. She has a masters. She makes a decent income and we need 75 thousand dollars total. We have already arranged for 5%. 7 years ago we bought a car and the company quickly went out of business and it was a lemon. We could not get our warranty coverage even though on this second hand car we paid additional 1200 for warranty and we refused to pay any more and we got a bad rating on her credit. She has perfect credit otherwise and she has been turned down each and every time. I am not a fan of the rules as they don't take personal circumstances into account. They just take a cookie cutter approach to everything. http://bit.ly/d79Ltc To help us win a contest please.
    Francis2004     Dec 31st, 2009
    Happy New Year SJP.. Best wishes to you for 2010 and also the family...
    Francis2004     Dec 25th, 2009
    Merry Christmas SJP.. May your family have a great holiday time.
    SirJosephPorter     Oct 11th, 2009
    And to you and your family, VanIsle. Actually we are not celebrating our Thanksgiving this weekend. Our son is working this weekend (he is in the final year of medical school now), he will come home next weekend. So we are going to have our Thanksgiving meal next weekend.

    My wife is also working today, so it is only me at home. Tomorrow will be just a relaxing day for both of us.
    VanIsle     Oct 11th, 2009
    Hi Sir Joe,
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.
    Nuggler     Oct 9th, 2009
    hmmmmmmmm; ;nothing since 7/29.
    That would be "congratulations" by the way. You left off the "s"
    Sir Pendantic Porter.
    bluedog     Jul 29th, 2009
    I thought it might be fun to start a private Fantasy Football league for us, private with the CCons, any group of 12 or so. I play every season. It is as good as any facebook app! lol !!!!
    It will give us a good reason to stay in touch and give each other some booyahs! Or some friendly grief!! lol !!!

    NFL.com, ESPN.com, FOXsports net, YahooSports has a good one. Any suggestions? Demands??? lol!!!

    Auto or live draft? Auto probably preferred with your pre-draft rankings.

    Write me back before Monday??
    I look forward to it.
    I can set it up or whoever...

    God Bless You
    May the Lord Grace your
    weekend with Angels!

    Mark Bellware
    bluedog     Jul 28th, 2009
    Brother, I don't get a prompt to post in facebook the page I would like to share. Could I get advice on a setting I am not aware of? Thank you. If you could refer me or inform me... I would be thankful.

    Peace out
    L Gilbert     Jul 19th, 2009
    You're very welcome.


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      Salvor Hardin
      I am a computer consultant married to a Family Physician. We have one son, who is in Medical school (he will be done in 2010).


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