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    shadowshiv     Jan 6th, 2011
    Hi there! I hope you and your loved ones had a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year!
    Retired_Can_Soldier     Dec 9th, 2010
    Just being flirty Wonder. And sayin Hi.
    Retired_Can_Soldier     Dec 7th, 2010
    Now there's a cutey if I ever saw one.
    shadowshiv     Oct 1st, 2010
    That's okay. You are allowed to have a life after all. What did you do this summer? Did you go on any trips?
    shadowshiv     Sep 28th, 2010
    Nice to see you again. I hope you stick around this time.
    El Barto     Jun 1st, 2010
    your welcome,
    been real busy , been real lazy , things are moving.
    New car , new flooring , something else new too but i forget
    El Barto     May 24th, 2010
    Happy birthday
    gerryh     Mar 24th, 2010
    because I know my "form of expression" can be quite offensive to some females, so I thought I would give you a warning,
    gerryh     Mar 24th, 2010
    it would robably be best that you NOT look through the coulter
    jenn     Feb 9th, 2010
    hey you we are doing well.. this last year has been really busy but hopefully slowing down a wee bit.. how are you??


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