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shadowshiv     Jan 20th, 2010
Curious enough to kill me a Bart...man! LOL!

How ya doin', buddy?
wanderwoman     Jan 18th, 2010
beautiful photos...stunning, in fact...you are a lucky man...is that your cat? do you have a sailboat? what do you do in the country for work? too many questions?
wanderwoman     Jan 17th, 2010
quebec city... I'm in love.
wanderwoman     Jan 17th, 2010
Ha! are you kidding me? you just sent me all of these gorgeous photos and your asking why?...these links really help...Wow!...Thank you so much!...Btw...I'm a writer...grant proposals...everything is done online...I suppose I'm looking for inspiration
wanderwoman     Jan 17th, 2010
ummm...anglo isn't exactly a requirement...diversity is more like it...I have a job...I work for myself...I can take it anywhere...
El Barto     Jan 16th, 2010
aren't you going to need a job? Theres also the region of Sherbrooke 120 k pop. plus has many anglo communities around. Lennoxville, knowlton , richmond Magog. Ayerscliff Cowansville.
wanderwoman     Jan 16th, 2010
google mostly tells me what is popular...I don't want to spend hours digging for the real thing
wanderwoman     Jan 16th, 2010
looking for a new place to live...a place I've never been...a place that I love...close to a big city would do...small town is fine as long as it's open minded
wanderwoman     Jan 16th, 2010
el barto...I replied to u on the post I put up earlier but I'll just ask you directly...tell me more about Ottawa and old quebec city?
Hazmart     Jan 13th, 2010
Ain't nothing in life for free baby! You're gonna have to pay up!

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