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    karrie     May 29th, 2010
    yeppers, it's my b-day.
    karrie     Jan 30th, 2010
    Well, she had booked the time off because I WAS supposed to be going to Germany this week with hubby. But, then work changed the plan, and he's off to Houston instead. I was much less inclined to head there. So, rather than sit at home bored for her week off (because my dad is still working), and me lonely and bored here, we decided she should just come here anyway. It helps that she's a neat freak and loves to cook. lol. I like that I can almost guarantee I'll get spoiled.
    karrie     Jan 30th, 2010
    Yeah, my Grandma in Enderby said it's dry there too. They like walking but even they're praying for snow for the farmers' sakes. The kids and I are doing good here... hubby's away on a trip right now though, which sucks. But, my mom is coming up to visit while he's gone, which makes me happy. A week of gal time can be such a nice thing. But, of course, I seem to be getting sick. lol.
    karrie     Jan 30th, 2010
    lol... yeah, isn't he precious?
    L Gilbert     Aug 25th, 2009
    Hi, FG. Sorry I didn't get to your message til now. It's holiday time. We're visiting our youngest daughter, atm. lol We went and saw oldest first and found out she's pregnant. Going to be a granddad. So everything's awesome.
    How are you doing?
    NativeFunGirl     Aug 16th, 2009
    ..Hey sup..???....how are you..???....
    L Gilbert     Aug 9th, 2009
    Yeah, It can be a bit of a pain if the folks in charge sitting on their asses choose a bit of really difficult terrain to test people on, though.
    lol we spend a lot more time outside when travelling, too. I think it has to do with comfort. Ground seems to be a lot harder when we go camping than it6 used to be.
    karrie     Aug 9th, 2009
    5 k in 45 min... that sounds reasonable... you never know when the cat's gonna break down and you're going to have to get your ass out of there.

    We're hoping to make the trek again next year... perhaps without the tenting so we can make it further faster. The kids loved Enderby so much that it's a definite 'must' for vacationing. We've never been outdoors so much as a family, even when we lived on an acreage! lol.
    karrie     Jul 26th, 2009
    ((hugs)) I wish we could have met you while we were in BC big guy. I'd have loved to see you and Anna. Next year we intend to go back, with better planning, and hopefully fewer forest fires.
    Hazmart     Jul 25th, 2009
    Hey Les, glad to see your back. Hope the fire fighting has been going well!


    Jun 13th, 2009


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      50 acres in Kootenays BC
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      I know that you believe that you understand what you think I said, but I am not sure that you realize that what you think you heard is not what I meant and may not be what I actually said.

      Religion and politics - two sides of the same coin called "bureacracy"; how to influence everyone else's life so their life can be just as dysfunctional as yours.


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