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    Nuggler     May 14th, 2008
    Morning Hermite,

    How's the spring unfolding for you?

    Hope all's well.

    johai     Apr 28th, 2008
    dancing-loon, avrilwheely and Lady also have the `final draft`.
    cmr_2001     Apr 27th, 2008
    dear hermite~

    thank you very much for your answering my questionnaire~~~

    thanks for your nice help~

    all of you are so united here, i can feel it~
    i hope to be a friend of yours~ for i wanna to

    nice day~

    oh, yeah, pls call me Mandy
    cmr_2001     Apr 27th, 2008
    Dear Hermite,
    I know your name from this forum. I hope I won't make you feel uncomfortable.
    I'm a Chinese undergraduate student who is proceeding my research paper on 'red'.
    I'm looking for some people from abroad to help me to answer the questionnaire.
    Could you do me a favor?
    It won't take you too much time, 16 questions only in two pages of A4 size paper.
    I know it may surprise you, but at this moment, I just need help.
    Because I don't have any friends abroad, nor foreign teachers in our university.
    So, I'm worrying about my paper.
    I hope you can help me out....
    I'm asking all of you for help...I hope I can get your nice help...
    darkbeaver     Apr 13th, 2008
    snowupthearseroad, that.s scarey Dee
    shadowshiv     Apr 7th, 2008

    I am glad to see that you are doing better, Hermite.
    Coddfish     Apr 6th, 2008
    Hi Hermite,

    Wow, we already have some things in common. That's cool.

    BTW, I'm so very sorry about the troubles you're going through right now. I hope everything will be better for you soon.

    See you later!
    Zan     Dec 23rd, 2007
    Abundant blessings to you and
    your loved ones this holiday season.

    Zan     Dec 18th, 2007
    I'm a l'il late with the greetings it seems, but welcome to CC - glad to have you here!
    darkbeaver     Dec 15th, 2007
    hi hermite I never met a vegetable I didn't like, except lima beans but it's not thier fault.
    reading , beer, etc can you use a chain saw?



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