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DaSleeper     May 31st, 2009
Heh heh....I'm sowwy I didn't get around to it until to-day....It only dawned on me when I posted that you would recognize my trailer and realized that you couldn't see the photos I had posted unless you were one of my contacts...BTW..the photos are not sequence...June is the last one and August photos the first.. you have to post them in reverse order to get them in sequence
Nuggler     May 24th, 2009
"Scum seeps in".........Gawdamit, Bear, wish I'da sayed that.........
VanIsle     May 19th, 2009
I just saw this reply. Almost went right over it. I did see where I replied to you regarding something. I probably didn't read SJP's post or maybe just skimmed over it. I am well aware that he often believes he is completely correct and what he writes is the only truth. I have told him that he comes across as arrogant and I know he does. I guess I am just so used to the way he is that I have come to accept him the way he is. It is easier to do that with someone who is reasonable and doesn't call people names. I might read an explanation from him that is addressed to me but open to all, and in the end I still believe what I have to say or what I originally believed but there are times when all of us know we are right about something that continuing to argue the point is fruitless. Now if some of that doesn't make sense - my husband is speaking to me from across the room and kind of splitting my thoughts so you may have to put together what I'm trying to say. I'm just trying to respond but realizing it's not the best time and that it probably won't be a best time for a few days. Hubby is off for a few days now and we have company coming so - yard work, housework and then visiting are going to take up most of my time now until after the end of the month.
Colpy     May 18th, 2009
Thanks....actually, I needed that....
VanIsle     May 17th, 2009
LOL - no! I only have Yukon Jack on ignore.
Cannuck     May 15th, 2009
Start a thread. I don't know how much I'll be available in the next little while
Zan     May 10th, 2009
lol - whew - no drunken antic with wax then... at least none that have gone awry anyway roflmao!
Zan     May 10th, 2009
hey yerself! How's things in Bear-world?
CDNBear     May 9th, 2009
lol, this thing is frickin super quick again!!! So what did I miss and where do I have to go to stir up some sh!t?
gerryh     May 9th, 2009
bout f*ckin time


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