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    Tecumsehsbones     Jun 27th, 2016
    Nice job against Iceland, loser.
    B00Mer     Jun 21st, 2015
    What a racist dumb-azz attacking Muslims on their day of worship. You have shown your true colours Blackleaf. I will never have respect for you as a person again.
    B00Mer     Apr 14th, 2014
    Goober     Dec 30th, 2013

    Now you are threatening to physically harm members- It takes time on a forum, some are quick about it, some like yourself take longer to show what type of an insecure little man you are.
    You want to threaten someone- Threaten me.
    eh1eh     Dec 12th, 2010
    Warmest wishes for the Christmas Holidays dude. I know you're only here doin' your PR job but it adds some good ol' Brit colour.

    Thanks, cheers, Mike.
    Johnnny     Apr 14th, 2010
    if i really cared about Britian and its problems id log onto a british forum....... Real talk
    Richardfan     Jan 25th, 2010
    Poor Richard, (Richard 111) so maligned throughout history!
    staceyhaines     Feb 5th, 2009
    My thoughts are with you Uncle Bob, i really miss you, wish i could have seen you before you left us.... Love you always xxx
    Zan     Dec 24th, 2008

    Wishing you and yours blessings in abundance over this season and the year to come...


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