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    Mowich     Nov 20th, 2011
    I was thinking of you often during the Oiler - Black Hawk game tonight. I hope you get to see a replay talloola - the kids did us better than proud (whatever that means LOL). Honestly, they ruled every single period of the game and it wasn't like the Black Hawks let them - Toews especially played well. The Oilers just were in the zone. I am so happy for them. Taylor Hall got hat-trick!!!

    Mowich     Nov 19th, 2011
    Hi Barbara;

    Wanted to PM you about Cannuck. I am passed being tired of this creep and now refuse to answer any of his comments. He came after me in the CFL forum and I quickly learned that trying to reason with him is just not on - he is all about circular arguments - which of course never end and have no point. He is spoiling the Canucks topic for me now as I have to read so much to get to what I really want to hear - your opinion on hockey.

    By the way, the Jets beat the Flyers 6 - 4 today. Rock on Jets! The Habs vs Rangers is just starting on CBC.

    Just wanted to let you know why I won't respond to Cannuck.
    talloola     Oct 28th, 2011
    ha ha, she repeated it wrong to me once, so I corrected her by saying it again, then she repeated it correctly, but I guess she forgot.
    Kreskin     Oct 28th, 2011
    I couldn't have missed you by more than 10 minutes. Finny, Vicki at reception left me a note that "Demula was here". I'm like, who the heck is Demula? Then the lightbulb went off lol.
    talloola     Oct 27th, 2011
    thats OK, catch you another time.
    Kreskin     Oct 27th, 2011
    I heard you dropped by, sorry I missed you.
    Mowich     Sep 4th, 2011
    I see that Adam Hadwin is making his mark at the local tourney. Good on him for the 7-stroke lead going into Round 3 and also for his continuing support of these smaller events.
    talloola     Aug 23rd, 2011
    you can go into his website if you want. Official Home of Riley Wheeldon Professional Golfer

    he's earned enough now to automatically get him into next year, on the tour.
    Mowich     Aug 23rd, 2011
    I finally got to the CPG website and looked up Riley. Whoa! What a cutie.......was my first thought. I read his bio and stats. Nice to see him get in the money - 7th place is pretty darn good considering the size of the field, Barbara. Go, Riley.
    Mowich     Jun 21st, 2011
    Thanks for the info on Riley, Barbara. I copied it so I can keep checking on his progress.



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