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shadowshiv     Feb 12th, 2010
IMP!!! Please say that you'll come visit here more often now!
Zan     Dec 24th, 2008

Wishing you and yours blessings in abundance over this season and the year to come...
karrie     Mar 18th, 2008
quiet days are good. I love reading on quiet days. Enjoy
karrie     Mar 18th, 2008
g'day Imp! Just thought I'd say hello here since you're being all quiet and lurky like.
Sal     Mar 8th, 2008
Hey darling, just dropping by with scribble and a rose of welcome.
SCB     Mar 3rd, 2008
ok you can observe in a mirror as I softy spank..and nibble
SCB     Mar 3rd, 2008
Hey Imp...I wish I was the first to write on your wall..and take your NO...karrie beat me to you me and karrie, and zan...need to find a playroom..anyone of you up for a spanking...and
Zan     Mar 2nd, 2008
Jeeze Karrie - quit bogarting Imp's wall!
Zan     Mar 2nd, 2008
Well, I am most pleased to make your acquaintance... looking forward to some impishly good times... I can just tell by your name you're gonna bring some fun 'round here!
karrie     Mar 2nd, 2008
Oh, Imp, just so you know. There are a couple security features on the forum to prevent abuse by spammers. One is that your PM functions won't kick in until after a certain number of posts. Another is that when you post links, it will often require moderator approval before your post appears. As you get more posts under your belt (20 or so for PM's, and a bit more for links), these features cease being an issue though.


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    Sex, photography,star gazing, expanding my horizens.
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    I get knocked down, but I get up again.
    Nothing special here. I have THE most beautiful son in the world, he is my everything. I head over heels in love with Aj, a most remarkable man.
    I've made investments and am independently wealthy and have been able to retire at a young age and enjoy life to the fullest.


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