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karrie     Jun 24th, 2011
lol...But he thinks he's being so clever. He's certain none of us have him figured. Unf's a big meanie!! You should see all the declarations of innocence behind the scenes while he spurs it all on.... it's quite humorous really.
karrie     Jun 24th, 2011
bahaha.... I knew you were just teasing... think about what I said for a minute...
Corduroy     Mar 22nd, 2011
Thank you!
mkwblue     Mar 4th, 2011
I don't know you but I liked your thread about George Harrison of the BEATLES...anyone who is a fan is a friend..ykwim (Ya know what I mean?)
Brat     Feb 19th, 2011
Would love to get together again. * smile *
Missed ya!
Brat     Feb 18th, 2011
Well Hey!
This was a nice surprise!
Good to see your name active here again. I'm never here, so I'm just seeing your message now.
We had a great Christmas, thanks for asking. Hope you did too.
So...ah....where have you been? Hmmmm!
Figured you sailed away, never to be seen again. lol
karrie     Dec 31st, 2010
Happy New year!!
Coddfish     Dec 24th, 2010
Merry Christmas to you too, Alister! *smile*
DaSleeper     Dec 23rd, 2010
Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Retired_Can_Soldier     Dec 22nd, 2010
Thanks yuh old dinosaur. Same back at yuh. Take care of that back and be sure to tip one up in my absence.


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