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    Mowich     2 weeks ago
    SK's not letting the loss bother them - Kurt just made a tricky little take-out for 4!
    Mowich     2 weeks ago
    Don't know what the score was but just learned that N ON won today. SK was up against the best team on the ice so far in the Briar - 5 straight wins and the guys are all curling in the 90's.
    Mowich     2 weeks ago
    Sure hope China blocking Canola exports isn't going to cost you grief, Pete.
    petros     Sep 8th, 2018
    They put garbage cans out for them. There aren't very many campers. Just empty tipis and the few originals. They will fill up again after the Court order.
    Mowich     Sep 7th, 2018
    Just read that the natives in Wascana park have been ordered by the court to de-camp. I hope some intrepid reporter gets photos of the place once they've been given the heave-ho. Be interesting to see if they follow tradition and leave mounds of crap behind.
    Mowich     Sep 3rd, 2018
    We took out the 'Middle East' in fine style, pete. Little worried about the score at half-time but Jonesie worked his coaching magic. Now we have to seal the deal at the Banjo Bowl. Go Riders.
    Mowich     Aug 19th, 2018
    I think the get together really made a difference, pete. I could see the unity and sense of purpose in the guys tonight. And, a biggie for me, they played a pretty well-disciplined game. Watching Jones' defensive schemes unfold tonight took me back to his days in Edmonton and renewed my faith in his abilities. It feels grand to have a huge grin on my face and joy in my heart after a Rider game.
    mentalfloss     Mar 15th, 2011
    Sorry if I missed it - but what for?
    karrie     Mar 11th, 2011
    Sorry petros but we can't reverse those, only an admin can, and he hasn't been around for staff functions lately. I'll give you one to balance out the karma though
    petros     Feb 20th, 2011
    Oh hooray. Another Juan.


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