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    The Wall

    Ocean Breeze     Nov 22nd, 2019
    Love your sig/ quote . Well done
    Yo0     May 25th, 2018
    The Lord is cp invalid.
    taxslave     Dec 1st, 2016
    Rolling on floor laughing my *** off
    personal touch     Nov 30th, 2016
    What does rolfmao mean
    VanIsle     Dec 11th, 2015
    Very happy it's still busy in CR and Cx. St. Joseph's sure needs a rebuild. I haven't been near the CR hosp. for about 20 years. A fellow that works here with my son and once worked for us, said yesterday that there is no work in CR but - he is a house builder and with so many back from Ft. Mac, they probably have their choice of experienced builders. Why did I Think you lived in Errington?
    Close anyway.
    VanIsle     Dec 11th, 2015
    Do you live in Victoria now? Heard today there is no work in CR. Is that true?
    CDNBear     Dec 18th, 2012
    It's the same in Sask, only they're tighter about it. It's been a loose law here for sometime. But they're going to start cracking down on it.

    I think it stems from to many citiots running around the bush during hunting seasons.
    Nuggler     May 7th, 2012
    Awwwwww, did I huwt you widdle feewins?? Actually, thanks for the red. I've been getting nothing but greenies lately, and I was starting to think I was like Jesus, or some other mythological creature..........Have a delicious day
    PoliticalNick     Mar 8th, 2012
    Thanks for your response. I find it hard to believe we seem to disagree so much. I am somewhat of a constitutionalist. I believe government has only the responsibility of providing essential services and infrastructure and regulating commerce. I don't think any govt, other than maybe municipal, has a place in our personal life and finance. I support Ron Paul and the Freeman movement. Hope to chat more. I travel to Tofino regularly, maybe we can meet up for a drink sometime.
    PoliticalNick     Mar 7th, 2012
    I find you very confusing. You are from the west coast of Vancouver Island (hippy Central), you use the handle 'Taxslave' and yet most of your views and opinions seem to be hardcore right-wing radical. I would like to know how to relate to the juxtaposition of your views vs your place of residence.


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