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Elder     Apr 27th, 2013
Wow!!! I am agog!!

"Despite an apparent genocide perpetrated against the Sinixt, and having been declared officially extinct by the Canadian government, descendants of the Arrow Lakes Peoples continue to maintain a presence locally."

I found this piece when I googled the Sinixt people. Were they aware they were extinct? A good way for the government to do as they pleased after such an official declaration.
Elder     Apr 27th, 2013
Ooop, i wax at length here- please indulge me for a bit. I would say that I have carried a piece if the forest in my heart because I can bring it into full sensory mode just thinking if ut. But when I emerge outdoirs the revery often ends suddenly with inhalation of the pollution and the unrelenting noise of the city. We live just above the Fraser River, with a view of it from our dining picture window and this helps a lot. Also we have a little yard so we can grow flowers ,shrub, herbs, more herbs and a few little veggies here and there. The soil is very sandy so there's only so much we can do even with seven years of adding topsoil. The Fraser River used to be 4 - 500 feet higher than it is now and the water lapped the shores of our home on the hill. This was after the Ice Age Meltdown of course.
Elder     Apr 27th, 2013
Good for you. The resiliency and recuperative powers of the human body downright amazes me over and over again.
If I were a person given over to the emotion of envy I would say I am "envious" of your place in the woods, but I am not because I do not go into places such as envy. It is too dark in there. I am so pleased for you to be able to live where you want to be with nature and friendpeople. Someday I hope to be able to do the same. But as I said before husband is an urban man and I don't know if he could handle a smaller township or be in the woods!
Elder     Apr 27th, 2013
Cliffs, I inadverdantly posted 2 messages to u on my wall. Duh!
Elder     Apr 26th, 2013
Lucky you!! At times I still yearn for a return to the woods so much that it is palpable. I spent several years in leafy isolated splendour in interior of BC, around Grand Forks, in the 1970s. I can still hear the babbling brook, see dappled light filtered through the trees, hear the soft rustle of leaves and smell the mossy dampness. Oh my. Husband has never lived outside the city so retirement may not take me back to the treed places that I love so much. Time will tell.
Elder     Apr 26th, 2013
Hi Ciffy. Elder here back in CC. How are you?
Eutaphodia     Apr 22nd, 2013
Hi, I just logged in to ask if you can check google for me. I need to find out if Google is down or if my computer is the problem. Could you check to see if you can get onto Google and let me know. Thanks. I am just choosing people at random who have posted in the last 10 minutes.
Elder     Mar 2nd, 2013
Hi Ciffy! Thanks for the welcome back. I am sure I will disappear again only to return at some future date.
Elder     Mar 2nd, 2013
Oops! Did not know this post went through. I have been unable to find CC trouble-shooting site. Do u know where it is?
CDNBear     Aug 13th, 2012
Well, I'm still on this side of the lawn, so I'm good, lol.

Sounds like you found a little piece of heaven, I'm jealous. I hope your new spot brings you much joy.


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