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smallandmighty     May 13th, 2016
Hi Sal...what does it mean when it says I have no status yet?
GreenFish66     May 1st, 2015
Your Avatar is very ... Attractive. It attracts my attention every-time I look at the member list. Is like ... Super Naturally Futuristic? Impressive for sure. Just had to say something about it. Hava Gooda 1a Eh!
spaminator     Apr 2nd, 2015
JLM     Feb 20th, 2015
The woman ain't right!
Sal     Feb 16th, 2015
TracyDebby     Feb 16th, 2015
I bet SAL is very attractive....hmmmmmmmmkay.
TracyDebby     Feb 16th, 2015
Thanks.....in the future....don't be jealous. Admire strong women. It's those STRONG ladies that fight for you idiotic, moronic feebs.......idiot.
TracyDebby     Feb 16th, 2015
Still the freak show doesn't arrive.......what a follower. No doubt **** her pants.....
TracyDebby     Feb 16th, 2015
freak show....go get a mod...get me banned.....save yourself from having to fight with ME...weak minded idiot. What to hound and piss me off.....GOOD....I like doing it to you....****face.

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