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Cliffy     Apr 27th, 2013
Most cross border tribes can cross freely. As far as I know, the Sinixt are the only ones who cannot. BC and Canada have a long history of denying the Sinixt ever lived here. As afr back as the 1890's (I think) there were calls to restrict their access to their territory. It is a very long and convoluted tale. I'm not sure if the governemnt were confused about who they were or intentionally ignorant. I lean towards the latter. It is not as if they were not told by anthropologists at the time.
Cliffy     Apr 27th, 2013
In '89 when we had the road block at Vallican, many of the Sinixt who participated were from Washington state. Most had only heard stories of this village from their elders. Unfortunately, the Canadian government tagged those who came up and none of them are allowed back in Canada. The head man (they don't have chiefs, they are a matriarchal tribe) said that he thinks as many as 500 Sinixt would return to the northern part of their territory if the government would rescind their extinct status. Even in the US, they lost the right to live on any part of their territory, 20% of which is in the US, 80% is in Canada. You might find some interesting stuff here: First Nations - Sinixt
Cliffy     Apr 27th, 2013
Well, my health has improved since I moved out of town I have more energy. Last summer I built a free standing roof and porch from my trailer which made winter up here on the mountain quite comfortable. I lost a lot of weight doing that, but gained it back over winter. My heart seems to have healed more than the doctors told me it would. I probably have a lot of years left to haunt these forums and annoy the government over their treatment of my friends, the Sinixt people.
Elder     Apr 26th, 2013
I have forgotten how to navigate thru CC especially since I tend to be on iphone now.
Elder     Apr 26th, 2013
Hah! Mosquitoes!! The swat is pure reflex and difficult to prevent. Some of them are not going to be able to lay their eggs after all. Bears. Yes, I ran into many of them in the woods of BC. Mutual respect allowed us to part and go our own ways amicably. I was always on the lookout on and above ground, in spring, for cubs. If I saw or heard any I hightailed it out of there before mama bruin returned. They are magnificent indeed. I had a difficult year in 2012 but managed to survive yet again. I really did not think I was coming out of the last crisis. May I say that I amaze myself at times? I have recuperative powers I was not aware of in me. Husband is very pleased to have me home and mobile. How are you?
Cliffy     Apr 26th, 2013
The mosquitoes came out yesterday. The first ones are huge. They get smaller as summer progresses. If I can restrain from smashing the little buggers and let them bite me, I will be immune to their bite is a week. Looking forward to meeting my first bear. Magnificent creatures. I missed them the most.
Cliffy     Apr 26th, 2013
Nice to see you back. I hope your health is well. I'm doing better since I moved out of town and back to the forest.
Cliffy     Mar 2nd, 2013
You can post here to reach Andem with techy problems. Hope you are doing well.
GreenFish66     Mar 2nd, 2013
Well Thank-you for your kind comment.I greatly appreciate it.
Elder     Mar 2nd, 2013
Have been here but not here. Feeling well again and happy to be back on CC. Looks everyone has been busy!



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