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missaddicted     Oct 16th, 2009
Hi Jemma, I see that I can't send you a PM, so I'll use your wall once again! Do you still have problems posting? We haven't seen you in a while and we were wondering what happened. Did you think about possibly registering again using a new username? Maybe that would solve the problem...
missaddicted     Oct 4th, 2009
Hi Jemma, just saw your message. This is weird. Did you try writing to a moderator or something like that? I bet you did. It's really too bad, I'm really appreciating your contribution to the forum!
Jemma     Oct 4th, 2009
Hi sleepinIn. It just happened to me again. Made a nice long post in response to ross's, and I got a notice that a moderator would have to approve it. This is getting tiresome. Maybe you could let the others know that I'm having trouble posting -- and haven't abandoned you all again.
SleepinIn     Sep 27th, 2009
Did you try clearing your cache and your cookies?
SleepinIn     Sep 27th, 2009
Just saw your note, I guess your still having issues. I hope that they can get them figured out for you.

I saw that about the busking for change - that's such a great idea for a fundraiser. I actually pledged money too. lol I am following Nat Jay on twitter (Kris link - lol) and I think she busked with Liam. That's cool.
SleepinIn     Sep 19th, 2009
Is it letting you post anywhere? Or are you still having problems?
SleepinIn     Sep 19th, 2009
Hi Jemma, Just saw your note

I'm not sure why your posts aren't posting. You might have to talk to one of the site moderators to see if there's a glitch or something with your account. We for sure want to hear what you have to say.
Albin Davis     Jul 24th, 2009
Hi How are you

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