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    Mowich     Sep 4th, 2020
    Thanks for your great posts on trudy, Ron. You inspire me to keep posting as much as I can to inform people about all the reasona why we really need to get rid of this guy.
    Dixie Cup     Jun 21st, 2020
    Thank you Ron! It was really nice of you to do this for me - much apprecated. I will try it out & ensure I keep your instructions!!
    Retired_Can_Soldier     Apr 17th, 2020
    Hey Ron.
    Mowich     Mar 24th, 2020
    Hey Ron, hope all is well with you and yours.
    Goober     Dec 4th, 2019
    A Merry Christmas to you and your family
    DaSleeper     Oct 28th, 2019
    Did you make that thread you started yesterday disappear sometimes during the night.
    darkbeaver     Dec 31st, 2018
    I wish you a Happy New Year Ron, I hope this web site stays viable, if in fact it still is.
    Goober     Nov 2nd, 2016
    Hi Ron, I am unable to post a thread. Need help pls
    Johnnny     Apr 8th, 2016
    Have you become the owner of this site? You seem to be the only green presence that acts with parity... This place could be considered your "baby" now.
    Cliffy     Jan 11th, 2016
    Hi Ron, I will be gone for a while. Petros is becoming psychotic. He is threatening to do me bodily harm. I just thought it was the ravings of a lunatic, but he went to my facebook page and took a picture of me to use as his avatar. He stalks my posts and spews slanderous stuff about me constantly. That kind of obsession is too scary for me. He thinks he knows something about my life but he doesn't. He has built up a story in his mind that has nothing to do with reality. I am afraid his psychosis will escalate if I stay. Not sure if there is anything you can do about it, so I will lie low for a while and see if he will cool off. If I knew his full name, I would be seeking a restraining order.

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      Regina, Saskatchewan
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      "My Homer is not a communist. He may be a liar, a pig, a communist, but he is NOT a Porn Star." - Abe Simpson


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