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Said1     Apr 15th, 2012
Oh. Yes. I remember too. That drunken
In Between Man     Apr 7th, 2012
The explanation of my handle can be read here. And I'm ready to scrap anytime!
In Between Man     Apr 7th, 2012
Just like how Abram became Abraham, and Saul became Paul, alleywayalwayz has transformed into In Between Man!!! hehehehehehehehehehehehehe
Said1     Apr 1st, 2012
Who lurves ya, Vanni.
Zan     Mar 27th, 2012
Heya Vanni, nice to see ya!
Ocean Breeze     Mar 14th, 2012
Are you a "Bright"??? Great to read your well appointed posts.
In Between Man     Jan 19th, 2011
I hope all is well for ya! Good to see your still around bud!
Ron in Regina     Oct 2nd, 2009
Good to see you popping in again.
In Between Man     Sep 21st, 2009
Finally...took ya long enough
shadowshiv     Sep 19th, 2009
Good to see you back. Have a good summer?


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    8th Circle, 7th Bolgia
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    "I am Vanni Fucci, the beast, whose sin goes
    Far deeper than the bestiality you know me by;
    Not long ago I was washed down from Tuscany
    Into this ferocious throat. A real bastard was I


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