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    The Wall

    SLM     Jun 22nd, 2014
    Yeah, Okay, but he's not an actor! Lol.

    Still the one thing I did miss in the series was the really snappy dialogue they had in the movie. That film had some quotable quotes!
    SLM     Jun 22nd, 2014
    Yeah, he's not much of an actor, lol. But the man does right some awesome dialogue!
    SLM     Jun 22nd, 2014
    Well they kind of have to change it, keep the characters in the series longer because it's a series and it's longer, lol. Some of it felt a bit contrived during the second part at the bar, but I really liked the back story on the two brothers. And Richie (Tarantino's character in the movie) is much more likable in the series.
    SLM     Jun 22nd, 2014
    No, well they changed it somewhat as far as character's dying and all that. Also the vampires are different, more I guess 'political' in nature to a certain extent. But otherwise the same.

    And I'd heard that about Fargo as well, haven't checked that one out yet though. The Last Ship I've not heard of, rarely watch tv anymore it's all on DVD or Netflix,lol.
    SLM     Jun 22nd, 2014
    Haven't heard of that one but I'll check it out. Another one I finish recently was the From Dusk Til Dawn series...overall it was pretty good. I enjoyed the more fleshed out back stories they provided. But otherwise it was the same plot as the film. Still it'll be interesting to see what they do with season 2.
    SLM     Jun 22nd, 2014
    Well I PM'd you on The Mentalist, I finished that one, so you can read that later. Right now I'm watching a show, also on The Movie Network, called Penny Dreadful set in the late eighteen or early nineteen hundreds England. Based on the old pulp horror publishings they produced back then, it has all the classics in it! Frankenstein, Dracula, etc. It's pretty good so far!
    SLM     Jun 22nd, 2014
    LOL. I won't rat on ya! He'll never know the difference.
    SLM     Jun 22nd, 2014
    I've already bumped it.

    And I will pick it up for sure before you come down next time.

    And you also need to tell me what you want for your haven't given me any ideas at all. Otherwise you'll leave me to my own devices.

    I can never remember the keys to unlock the 'accents', the ones that take away the ability to use the question mark.
    SLM     Jun 22nd, 2014
    True Blood was good....but we have a character death! I think. I'm not sure they're dead, dead but we'll see. (And I haven't bought season six yet, just haven't gotten around to it, but I will)

    And your "birthday" thread is kind of a combo, apparently Spade, Eaglesmack and yourself have like a powerhouse trio birthday combo thing, lol. Spade posted a Summer Solstice thread and it sort of evolved from there, but mostly that was yesterday. We can revive it though.


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