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    Kakato     Jul 31st, 2012
    Ron,did you not get all the pms i reported from your members? funny i get banned after getting called a child molester,pedophile and had some of your members actually report me to the rcmp for something they made up? I have 2 rcmp in the family so this is easy to find out.I will also remind you that this crap is in the criminal code under internet slander and libel,I dont think your liable but I do know the first gal in Canada to press and win a case against someone who attacked her business online and cause her is very easy to do these days.I'm going to delete all my posts and pictures on here before some of your more senior members try cause me any more grief.The **** some of your senior members pull on here is totally illegal,they seem to play you though,they know when your working,their posts I sent you would have got anyone a lifetime ban on any forum i have ever been on,guess you didnt get them.
    Kakato     Jul 7th, 2012
    Right on,it didnt bother me as much as him.
    I ignored him as long as I could.
    Sometimes when some start like he did you have to take a stand though,sorry but I'll just leave,not into cliques.
    shadowshiv     Jul 7th, 2012
    Thanks! It's good to be back!
    Kakato     Jun 29th, 2012
    Sorry,I tried but could not keep a civil topic going as I got jumped on as soon as they saw my name,ignore mode now,have a good long weekend.
    karrie     Jan 20th, 2012
    In Between Man     Dec 25th, 2011
    Merry Christmas! Thank you for your friendship! All the best to you and your family in 2012!

    shadowshiv     Dec 4th, 2011
    Goin' for some supper. I'll take a peek in later.
    Retired_Can_Soldier     Nov 13th, 2011
    Ron, thanks for everything.
    Retired_Can_Soldier     Nov 4th, 2011
    Hows the weather in Regina?
    shadowshiv     Oct 10th, 2011
    Look what sub-forum 'satan' was last looking in.

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