It Turns Out That Taxing Soda Makes People Drink Less Soda

It Turns Out That Taxing Soda Makes People Drink Less Soda

It’s too soon to tell whether a so-called “soda tax” can improve public health. But early data shows it certainly seems to lead to people drinking less soda.

Consumption of sugary drinks has declined in three places that recently started taxing soda: two cities (Berkeley, CA and Philadelphia, PA) and a country (Mexico.)

Grocers and beverage distributors in Philadelphia, which implemented a 1.5-cents-per-ounce tax on soda on this year, recently told Bloomberg that in the first few weeks their sales have slid by as much as 50%. Results in Philadelphia, the country’s fifth most populous city, could provide feedback on what impact these taxes would have on soda consumption in a major urban market.

In Berkeley, the first US city to adopt a soda tax, a 2016 survey by UC Berkeley found consumption of soda and other sugary beverages in low-income neighborhoods fell 21% after a 1-cent-per-ounce tax was rolled out in 2015. (external - login to view)
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Yes, I know.
why would you?
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putting them on trains to death camps will also reduce their soda intake
but you already knew dat
Of course.
If lived in Berkley I'd buy my soda in Oakland when I went to the Oaksterdam strip to buy weed.
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Sure lets make them pay more taxes and die of water born illness cause all they can afford is dirty bottled water.
your solutions are so final there MF

7 Reasons To Never Drink Bottled Water Again
7 Reasons To Never Drink Bottled Water Again - mindbodygreen (external - login to view) I take it Nestle is also paying you?
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I find it difficult to believe that pop consumption dropped by that much over what amounts to 8-12 cents/can (depending on location). Oh wait, this is from Buzzfeed news. Never mind. Fake news.
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That MF, he sure love his taxes.

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