Should the world get in a trade war against the US?

In other words, we tell the US you either start paying off your debts or we'll start weaning off you for trade because we don't want to crash when you do.

Honestly, I wouldn't mind the world doing this to Canada too. I think we need a good kick in the government's pants too.
That is not really possible.
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That is not really possible.

It is possible, but would probably cause more harm than good, at least in the short term. In the long term, it's a coin toss. If if finally pressures states to start paying off debts, it could be good. But it could also just result in retaliation and hardening of stances, which then makes matters worse. It would be doable, but even I'm not convinced it would be a good idea. That said, the US debt will hurt Canada in the long run.. just as the Canadian debt hurts the US.

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