China mulls high-speed train to US

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China is considering building a high-speed railway across the Siberia and Bering Strait to Alaska, across Canada to the US. In not so distant future, people can take the train from China to the US, according to Beijing Times Thursday citing Wang Mengshu, a railway expert and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

The proposed journey will start from China's northeast region, cross Siberia to Bering Strait, and run across the Pacific Ocean by undersea tunnel to reach Alaska, from Alaska to Canada, then on to its final destination, the US. To cross Bering Strait will require approximately 200km undersea tunnel, the technology, which is already in place will also be used on Fujian to Taiwan high-speed railway tunnel. The project will be funded and constructed by China. The details of this project are yet to be finalized. (external - login to view)
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...The details of this project are yet to be finalized....

You realise this thing comes up every decade don't you?

And nothing ever happens-for thousands of good reasons.
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that would be quite an engineering marvel but ain't likely to happen any time soon

I remember back in the 60s when there had been talk of creating an underwater subway from the USA to Europe. That was as utopian a dream as we saw back then. But that's all it was.
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Meanwhile, in an underground tunnel near you...

Underground Alien Bases Paranormal Conspiracy Documentary - YouTube

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China will build it paid by WalMart Shoppers.. and US taxpayers.
can it move a massive army into the heart of America at lightning speed?

how many nukes can it carry?

having that train make regulars runs would be just like drinking the kool-aid every day.

Kinda like what the Russian task force is doing in the english channel. Bet they could strike every European capital from there. more kool-aid please.
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