60,000 Chinese Workers Continue Historic Strike

The strike now has been joined by 60,000 workers. The number of workers going on strike has tripled in less than two weeks (external - login to view). The entire production at the Dongguan complex has been disrupted – in fact this is the major concern of most international outlets about this strike, and not its causes, which lay in workers’ exploitation. “Yue Yuan makes one-fifth of the world’s athletic shoes, including brands like Nike, Crocs, Adidas, Reebok. Puma, Asics, New Balance, Timberland and Rockport. The strike at Hong Kong-headquartered Yue Yuan Industrial Holdings Limited , the largest athletic shoes manufacturer in the world, has spread over 10 days.

After recent strikes at IBM and Walmart, also located in the Pearl River Delta, the walkout threatens to spread throughout the region — as did the Honda strike on Foshan in 2010; the Yue Yuan stoppage has become the largest industrial action in China since then.

Workers went out after finding out that the legal work contracts they had been signing with the company were actually fake and also that the company had been significantly underpaying them in their social insurance for nearly 20 years. Faced with the company’s stubbornness and piecemeal offers, more and more workers have joined and it has now ballooned to include a solidarity strike from workers in another province also working for Yue Yuan.” Source (external - login to view)

The workers demand that the employer company fulfill its legal obligations in housing and social security payments. The employer is a Taiwan-based company, they try to avoid paying back their debts towards workers. The strike extended when the company announced they would offer the workers new contracts from May 1st, but that it refused to pay its debts over housing and social securities. The workers also demand a 30 percent increase of their wages. Strikes in China have increased by 30 percent compared to the same period last year.


China: 60,000 Workers Continue Historic Strike, Defying Repression by the State and Pressures from Western Corporations (external - login to view)
What the Chinese Communists tend to do is to grant minor concessions to end the strike, and then kill/imprison the strike leaders.
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These are some very brave individuals.

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