World and business and peace...
Actions bring some change in mind or in deeds.

Actions reacted are also changed.

What are causes are events of fates.

Some effects can do and fixed.

Axioms of truths derive to theorem of life.

All human need morals and laws abiding.

Peoples should take their turns to govern or
mastery some ways as they could be.

Are there are also common polls.

Limit your styles of business but no a real one to limit your wealth beside you are not.

Styles of business are bad if they are monopoly.

Each states or countries citizens have
right to lives and not fighting.

But it only can be if only if all countries obey the laws of peace.

So the name republican would be so right.

Only minds consistency is then united our worlds.

Forces that are right and fair is good to count our peace.

But China bossy bosses are other.

Or more critical world army forces should
get equilibrium.

Ambitions and aggressions must be hold down.

Monopoly business are inner damned.

Greedy china tyrants upset the whole worlds.

Equilibrium can involve army forces, sciences knowledge, matters resources and
country wealth..

However beside reasonable and righteous
forces the world have aggressive forces that
line up with cabal as mainly Chna and Russia.

Then the danger of wars may break down.
The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain.
Free Thinker
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The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain.

You've got it!
That was bizarre.

But China bossy bosses are other.

they ARE other...I knew it!
Dixie Cup
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Pretty much. I think their babel fish is broken.
is that alright, are most of you alright jacks
The opening post reminds me of a public service announcement from a few years ago:

HTML Code:

I prefer this PSA about heroin. It's much more realistic.

Partnership for a Drug Free America quotBrain on Drugsquot - YouTube


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