When you want to grab Putin’s attention, shut off his gas flow

No chest-thumping from a man-child, no red lines in the sand, no stern letters of warning from politicos...no...

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After Russia's Gazprom hikes natural gas prices 80% for it's Ukrainian customers, Ukraine this morning reminded Russia that its natural gas pipeline to Europe all run through Ukraine, who can shut them off if they want (external - login to view)

If you are a small-fry country and want to stir up European anxiety while simultaneously striking at Russian president Vladimir Putin, here’s a clever strategy: Just shut off the Russian energy giant Gazprom’s natural gas spigot–the flow that goes to the rest of Europe. Europe will recall shivering winters a few years ago with no Russian gas, and Putin may reconsider his brinksmanship over gas prices.

So that is what (external - login to view) Ukraine—locked in tense gas-pricing negotiations (external - login to view) with a tough-talking Russia—did this morning. The country’s energy minister, Yuri Prodan, said Ukraine has “temporarily stopped” the purchase and storage of new Russian gas while the two countries haggle over the price.


When you want to grab Putin’s attention, shut off his gas flow – Quartz (external - login to view)
They are Ukrainian pipelines now.Sorry it makes you mad Vlad but....

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