Kerry Says 'Russian Agents' Behind Crisis in Eastern Ukraine

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Hey dude, I'm just saying, you better leave those guys, who are totally your citizens and not people we shipped in, alone or it will start a "civil war" (external - login to view)

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said Russia is fueling separatist unrest in Eastern Ukraine that could be a "contrived crisis" to justify military intervention and that Moscow faces tougher banking, mining, and energy sanctions if it does not stop undermining Ukraine.

Kerry said President Barack Obama is preparing a far-tougher series of sanctions if Russia does not step back from what he calls its "clear and unmistakable involvement" in destabilizing Eastern Ukraine.


Kerry Says 'Russian Agents' Behind Crisis in Eastern Ukraine (external - login to view)

"Kerry said President Barack Obama is preparing a far-tougher series of sanctions if..."

...sorry, just hadta.
The U.S. said the same thing in the Crimea, and never produced any proof.

This all started with an unConstitutional putsch of a legally elected President in the Ukraine.. by interests closely allied the EU and US in the Western part of the country.. with the clear intent of severing their relationship with Russia and subjecting the strong Russian ethnic element in the Eastern Part of the Country to pro-Western elements. This was followed by initiatives in the country's legislature to ban Russian language instruction and to put up barriers to Russian trade which would punish the industrial eastern half of the country.

The response was completely predictable. There is a deep historical, ethnic and philosophical ties between Eastern Ukraine and Russia.. and it seems likely the country will at least 'federalize' or decentralize into autonomous regions.. or the eastern region, east the Dneiper, will separate into a sovereign entity. It is less likely it will join Russia.

But there really was no need to 'contrive' and uprising from outside. The response was completely predictable, and the status quo is untenable.
The same use of social media that produced the Arab Spring, is being used here.

Russia and the USA divided up Lebanon with old school tactics and the country got ruined.
It took years of influence to produce the Machiavellian tactic in Lebanon.

In todays' world we watch as it only takes a few weeks and everything is set in motion.

Of course Russia is having nothing to do with people rioting in Eastern Ukraine.
These people decided to do this all on their own.
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Unlike the Western Ukraine, where our agents were active.

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