Darth Vader running for president in Ukraine

Darth Vader running for president in Ukraine
QMI Agency
First posted: Saturday, March 29, 2014 06:30 PM EDT | Updated: Saturday, March 29, 2014 06:40 PM EDT
Darth Vader wants to be the next president of Ukraine.
"After winning intra-party primaries by a landslide, comrade Vader will be our party's candidate," reads a translated statement from Dmitry Golubov, head of the Internet Party of Ukraine, on the party's website (external - login to view).
Someone dressed in full Darth Vader costume submitted the required paperwork and 2.5 million hryvna (about $250,000 CAD) deposit Saturday to register as a candidate, a day ahead of the deadline, Interfax reported.
The Sith Lord could be running against as many as 14 others who have signed up; five of them have so far been registered by the election commission.
Golubov, an alleged cyber criminal, founded the IPU in 2009. It was recognized as an official party in 2010.
Vader received about 3% of the write-in vote in 2012 parliamentary elections, according to Russia-based RT news service.
Presidential elections are scheduled for May 25 in the troubled country thought to be under threat of a Russian invasion.
Activists from the Internet Party of Ukraine, dressed as Star Wars characters, hold a party congress in Kiev on March 29, 2014. (REUTERS/Alex Kuzmin)

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I don't know, $250,000 is a pretty serious commitment to make a farce of politics.

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