Migration IS harmful but we will never halt it

EUROCRAT Jose Manuel Barroso last night vowed to defend the EU’s open-border rules – despite admitting mass immigration had put “unintended strains” on communities and public services.

The President of the European Commission used a speech in London to acknowledge that rules imposed by Brussels had been abused.

But he sparked fury among Tory MPs by insisting the EU will not allow curbs on migration, even if it means an open-door to unskilled workers.

“We remain absolutely firm on the principle of free movement rights,” he said.

Tory MP David Nuttall reacted with anger. He said: “This speech confirms everything we have long suspected – the architects of the European Union have a grand plan to create a vast superstate with no borders inside it.

“They want to take away our sovereignty and any control of our borders.


Migration IS harmful but we will never halt it, pledges Euro chief | UK | News | Daily Express (external - login to view)
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Nothing surprises me with the EUSSR. It's time to get out.
Thought you were talking about caribous. They are odious bastards, what with all their mooing, walking across pipelines and all...............(smiley)

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