arnold schwarzenegger under fire for insensitive response

Arnold Schwarzenegger Under Fire For Insensitive Response
Airdate: 4/21/2011

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been out of office for a few months now but something he did on his last day as Governor of California is still causing controversy.
He reduced the prison term of a man convicted of killing a 22-year-old man. Now the victim's parents are furious about the reduction and the fact that Schwarzenegger just snored when asked about his decision.
Schwarzenegger snored because he says he was bored by a reporter's question.

"Don't ask me the same question, ok, because you're boring the hell out of me," said Schwarzenegger.

The question that's boring the former California governor is: "Why on his final day in office he cut the prison sentence of Esteban convicted killer by more than half?"

"Why did you reduce the sentence for Esteban Nuņez?" asked KCAL political reporter Dave Bryan.

Schwarzenegger responded by snoring.

His sarcastic snore in response to Bryan's question has outraged the mother of the murder victim.

"He has more regard for a killer than a victim's family. I think that's sickening," said Kathy Santos.

Kathy and Fred Santos's 22-year-old son Luis was stabbed to death by four men as he was leaving a fraternity party at San Diego's Mesa College in 2008.

It turns out one of the killers is the son of former California assembly speaker Fabian Nuņez, a close political friend of Schwarzenegger.

Schwarzenegger reduced the prison sentence from 16 to seven years, without telling the slain victim's devastated family, who found out about it over the internet.

"This shows the whole world what a coward he was. He tried to do it very quietly in the last hour of his office," said Kathy.

The victim's sister can't believe the former governor would be so hard-hearted.

Now Schwarzenegger is breaking his silence, and what he's saying is certain to add fuel to the controversy: "I feel good about the decision. I happen to know the kid really well. I don't apologize about it. Well, hello! I mean, of course you help a friend."
Source: newsweek magazine

He also said he understands the parents' anger. But the victim's mother thinks Schwarzenegger really doesn't get it.

"If it happened to his kid, would it be boring the hell out of him? I don't think so" Kathy said.
The Santos family filed a lawsuit against Schwarzenegger, calling the sentence reduction "unconstitutional."

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Oh well, what does he care anymore?

Obviously nothing.... he's out of office now and can get back to making movies.

Besides, what did anybody expect from a Republican

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