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Our crippled government is pushing through legislation that defies long standing policies of North American wildlife management and further and permanently damages the image of hunting and hunters in the province. As described by former AFGA president, Randy Collins in the Edmonton Journal, Bill 11 has passed second reading and is before a legislative committee, starting today, for debate and amendment.

If you don't act now, you will have no one to blame when your image as an outdoors person is further degraded and more restrictions are placed on what you do—all because some rich low-life can shoot a trophy behind a fence.

Here's the offending section of the bill:
Permits - issuance, alternatives and terms and conditions
10.1(1) The minister may issue a permit authorizing a prescribed activity
that would or could otherwise constitute a contravention of this Act

(2) The Minister may, instead of issuing a permit, licence or other kind
of permission under other legislation of Alberta or another jurisdiction as
the authorization for the activity referred to in subsection (1)

(3) Section 6(4) applies with respect to a permit as it applies to a
licence, and a person shall not contravene any terms or conditions of the

The only reason to put this section in the act is to allow hunt farms, something some long-standing PC supporters having been pushing for decades. They just don't get it! They are out to destroy an important part of our Alberta heritage!

Contact your MLA— http://www.assembly.ab.ca/net/index.aspx?p=mla_home (external - login to view)

Jack Hayden, Minister of Agriculture - drumheller.stettler@assembly.ab.ca (external - login to view)

Mel Knight, Minister of SRD grandeprairie.smoky@assembly.ab.ca (external - login to view)

and your Premier- Ed Stelmach fortsaskatchewan.vegreville@assembly.ab.ca (external - login to view) ]