Ccabinet sworn in Egypt .

New Egyptian cabinet sworn in amid protests
08:14, February 01, 2011

The new Egyptian cabinet was sworn in on Monday to replace the former which resigned upon President Hosni Mubarak's order on Saturday.

President Mubarak appointed Mahmoud Wagdi, previously head of Cairo criminal investigations department, as the Interior Minister to replace widely detested Habib el-Adly.

El-Adly had been called on by the public to be dismissed due to his repressive tactics of torture and crackdown on opposition, especially the Muslim Brotherhood.

At a Monday meeting with the new cabinet, which had taken the constitutional oath, Mubarak asserted the importance of fighting against corruption that people have been suffering from and curbing prices and inflation.

The meeting also discussed holding dialogue with all political parties and maintaining political reform, reported state news agency MENA.

The new line-up of the Cabinet ministers came three days after the president dissolved the previous government and appointed the new Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq, a former Air Force commander, and named intelligence chief Omar Suleiman as vice president.

Marshal Hussein Tantawi retained his post as Defense Minister and was promoted to be deputy Prime Minister. Ahmed Aboul Gheit also retained his post as Foreign Minister.

In the meantime, thousands of protesters still defied the curfew in Cairo, extended from 3 p.m. (1300 GMT) to 8 a.m. (0600 GMT), chanting slogans against President Mubarak.

"We want the fall of regime," chanted the Egyptian crowd.

On Monday morning, crowds of protestors flocked into the Tahrir Square to join in the ongoing protests, saying that they would not return home until the president steps down.

EU chief diplomat Catherine Ashton called on Mubarak to hold immediate talks with the opposition groups, who have called on the people to protest more.

Egypt's opposition dissident Mohammed ElBaradei kept urging Mubarak to leave the country, addressing the protesting crowds that what they have started should continue in an attempt to lead the nation to a new era.

The outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, the main opposition group, called on a peaceful transition of power.

Source: Xinhua
A couple of ministers are sacked and military men are given their positions...

But then it's not surprise that political creatures (which generals are in every country, including Canada) are jumping on board with the President. I would be looking at the Colonels and Captains of Egypt's armed forces, whether they side with the President or the public; as ultimately they control the enlisted men.
Thousands take to the streets burning you in effigy? Sure, a cabinet shuffle should do the trick.

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