I got back from some work, and the issue is many things, not the least of which me explaining to them how Canada was one of three nations knowing the secret of how to build atomic bombs after the second world war in exchange for PM King's demand to know why and how to do it in exchange for the Canadian Uranium.

The forces of evil are biding their time and just counting on people dying out in order to *not* re-educate their kids!

I got into an affair with a female daughter of a a Montreal Jewish Lawyer. Her uncle was Herb Grey, her father was Trudeau's biggest fund granter, and she just wanted my DNA and for me to have infinite sex with her because she was wired up to be horny plus she wanted me to train her kids. Oh great... now I'm hanging out with a horney Jewish woman... wish wasn't bad per se... it was just the principal, of it.

Gosh darn my Mormon principal of goodness.

Anyway, I got into a discussion with let's call it a Chinese Princess.

I asked her how she'd like to see the war of Armageddon headed off so that Russians and Americans and Canadians and everyone with space experience would spread themselves out over the planets, and I asked her which planet she would take.

She said earth.

****ing Chinese Princess. She loves being spoiled.

So, I thought about it, and I know their guys are strong. They did the long march, so we can make deals up to and including how we buy and sell and trade stuff as long as their asses don't get stuck in our face or said asses will get fried (whereupon they will have to fry back, but that's just obligation) but actually they won't... any more than they will defend North Korea if North Korea does one ****ing little thing to violate international order.

Then the ****ing little bastard offered refuge to Monsanto.

That led to a discussion about how Heavenly Father was predicting we'd go to Armageddon thousands of years ago if we kept going the way we were, and she got sulky.

Okay... let's lift all the good people off this planet and leave them to deal with the crap left behind, but we take all the good animals with us.

Like a certain special population of evil Hebrews what do you think they'll do?

Anyway... in the mean time we make economic technical details with Russians, and we get the **** away from this place and colonize the solar system and galaxy while they while about not having had their Armageddon.

It's all about quantum physics dude. When you get a prophesy, its about being told what will happen if things keep going according to Newtonian physics without interference from the free will of human mind according to how random Heisenberg physics goes.

Ever notice how you as a human can do something the plants and animals cannot do, which is see color and choose action?
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