are there "Too Many" Charities theses days?

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I find your reply to be a little bit ignorant in outlook.

So, I'll skip that, and ask a question: It's been how many months, and how many houses have been built? Why? With billions of dollars in international aid, why are so many people living in tent cities? What is causing the holdup? I'm looking for a serious answer, not an ignorant suggestion that I somehow don't understand the enormity of the destruction. There's no need to start making personal jabs when it was a serious question.

Nothing ignorant about it. New houses would probably be the last step in restitution. How many $billions of dollars would be required just to remove the rubble and replace infrastructure like roads, water systems, sewer systems before new home construction could possibly start?
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Just out of curiosity I'm wondering if there is a central agency that tracks donations from the various charities for Haiti and how the money is dispensed from each one?
Chili, no one can give to all charities, and to not give at all, because you can't cover them all and don't want to 'leave one out', is a bogus cop-out meant to salve your own conscience.

Find one that means something to YOU. That's all anyone expects. When someone comes knocking on my door, or phones, I simply say, "I have prechosen charities and give to them, sorry." But I GIVE, I don't just use it as a cop out. They don't badger you or guilt you for not giving to them.

I give to the Lung Association, the Cancer Society, the local food bank, give clothing to Good Will, and throw some extra to Habitat for Humanity when I shop at their ReStore. No one expects more than that just because they exist.
Since 1993, I have been giving time and money to Habitat for Humanity.
Habitat for Humanity is one we hope to get involved with once this renovation wraps up with the yard being finished this spring. hubby has renovated every place we've ever lived in and has a good grasp of everything from framing, plumbing and electrical, to dry walling, and trim work.
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