best Video game you remember having?


I'll have emulators running on the thing so I can get megaman up and running

you mean your going to get them on the website? can you get megamans 3-5 on the NES here PLEASE

Anyways , right now

Its all about Starcraft 2 baby
I can't post roms on this site. I wish I could share with you Johnnny! You can find megaman roms on the net.
i remember i used to fight needle man in mega man 3 without getting hit, same with skull man in megaman 4.
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For which system?

It will be for Windows. Source uses the Halflife 2 engine for many different games(they also made a version of Ultima VII using it). There is a Wikipedia page on it if you are interested. So far, it is only Multiplayer(it is in Beta stage 4), but it may get the single-player treatment at a later date.
i am still playing video games to this date. :P though i only have part time and over my dads. i name what system i got later.
Ok, I'm just getting started on xbox. My kids gave me the system for christmas last year.

EA Games NHL2011. Started off as an amateur in Be A Pro mode and in 5 games I was drafted 1st overall by the Colorado Avalanche. I'm tearing up the NHL with assists. My nickname is Mel Gibson if you see me on xbox live.

Sure beats Pong, although I still have a soft spot in my heart for that game.
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Wow! I've always played PC games, except my youngest gave me a Wii a year or so ago with the sports games & she bought all the fancy "equipment" - like the tennis raquet with the cute LED lights. Then I bought the Wii Fit stuff 'cos I thought maybe I'd use that. :::guiltily eyeing shelving unit cupboards where they're all still waiting...::: Are Wii games good? I like 'thinking'/action/RPG/mystery type games? Any suggestions?

PC games I liked best: All the Star War Games & some of the spin off's.
Siberia & Siberia II were excellent.

Well we have a pile of Wii games ourselves.... which we'll be either selling or giving away soon since we'll be off to another country soon and I doubt they'd play properly.

I'd Check out the Zelda Games, Metroid Prime 3 (Or the Trilogy), My wife's into the Harry Potter game that was based on the last movie.... you can make potions and whip out spells like the controller's a wand, etc....... And I'd highly recommend any of the Prince of Persia games for the Wii, especially any of the recent ones...... they were made by Ubisoft Montreal and the music was all made by Stuart Chatwood from a little Canadian Rock band called The Tea Party..... very fun and the stories are impressive. (The Disney movie, while good, didn't really do the Prince of Persia story justice)

There's a few Final Fantasy games for the Wii if you're into RPG, but I can't say I've played them.... but I imagine they're worth a spin.

There's also the Guitar Hero and Rock Band games..... don't feel bad sucking on easy because it took me months to get somewhat decent and only after three years or so have I been able to move to Hard...... but the music selections are vast and I imagine there's a number of songs you'll come across that you'd love to play..... it's not all tied to recent music or one particular genre.

Besides all that, hooking the Wii to the internet and playing online is all free and on top of all that, there's the Wii Store where you can buy and download onto your system, thousands of classic games from the Atari, Commodore 64, Nintendo, Super Nintendo, N64, Sega Master System, Sega Genesis, Turbo Graphix 16, Neo Geo, and a bunch more..... not to mention all the WiiWare games designed specifically for the Wii you can buy online and play on your system.

And.... All Gamecube games, memory cards and controllers all fit into the Wii, so if there's a Gamecube game you'd like to try that you see at a game store or local flea market, pick it up and pop it in the Wii.

^ So to say the least, if you have a Wii, you have a vast selection of games to choose from, from a vast selection of game systems.

.... But yeah, I hop on my WiiFit from time to time, but recently I've been too busy, it's just collecting dust.

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