if Iran can't have Nuclear power/Weapons, shouldn't Israel follow suit?

Progress in Egypt

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Israeli prudism at work:

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Let's do a comparison of Iran and the DPRK:

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Let's do a fun comparison of Israel and Iran:

Israel is a secular democracy, where Muslim Arab Israelis have political rights, vote, hold seats in the Knesset, and hold many minor political posts.
Ian is a theocracy, and has become a dictatorship, where everybody that runs must be vetted by a council of clerics, and even then the results are tampered with.....

The DPRK is not too sane either.


Israel does not use capital punishment.
There are 200 people on death row in Iran.

And the DPRK has capital punishment too.


Israel treats men and women equally.
Thirty-five women are on death row in Iran, awaiting death by stoning. One was sentenced when her arranged marriage fell apart, and her husband accused her of adultery. She was married at 14, sentenced to die at 15. She has had two false executions so far.........meaning she was taken out and buried to the neck as if she were to be stoned, as a means of forcing her compliance.

Well I guess we could grant the DPRK that it probably treats its women relatively equally too.

[quote]In Israel, women dress and behave as they please.
In Iran, women are arrested, jailed and whipped for such crimes as wearing western dress, being seen with a man, wearing make-up, having a tan, or "
eating an ice cream in a provocative manner"[quote]

In the DPRK, women could be in serious trouble for talking against the dear leader in public.


Israel does not support terrorist groups.
Iran spends tens of millions on Hezbollah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad, and supplies them with weapons.

The DPRK has threatened war on occasion too for the silliest of reasons, always sabre rattling to get its way.


Israel has Gay Pride parades, and gays openly serve in the military.
Eighteen homosexuals are on death row in Iran, simply for being homosexual.

I have no idea on how homosexuality is viewed in the DPRK.


Israel is our ally.
Iran is not.[

Now that's silly. certainly we shold not follow allies blindly but rather ask why they are our allies. But anyway, neither is the DPRK.

So, when are we declaring war on the DPRK, or is it really a war about women and gays seeing that those are the only distinctions I see between them.

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