Infidelity and guilt

Socrates the Greek
I want to start with the example of two inseparable friends, the Mallard Ducks always together, if one dies the other one stays with out a partner, it is know they do not pair up again.

We humans some of us go through life enjoying a life similar to the Mallard Ducks true and faithful even when one passes away.
In addition, many others from all lifestyles choose the life of infidelity, lying, deception, and often many innocent family members get hurt for no fault of their own.
Only because the cheaters, He or She are more interested in personal instant sexual gratification, then the well-being of their family Union.

I understand that many people cheat BECAUSE THEY ARE SUFFERING FROM A PERSONAL INNER VOID, a void that could stem from child hood, LIKE REJECTION that comes back and demands attention during adult years.

Sexual mischief has a big price tag attached to it,
It could be a price tag of monetary form, divorce lawyers and all the rest.

On the other hand, guilt, it could be the ultimate unthinkable enemy that will eventually silently attack the cheater, guilt will make the cheater crumble in silence at times years after the fact.

Money has the ability to make people look at life like a game, you want to play be ready to pay, and when money is of no short supply Tiger Wood, Eliot Spitzer, Bill Clinton, and many others who have fallen to sexual mischief. The ending is Infidelity, guilt, and broken dreams.
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I think there is more than one reason for infidelity and there is more than one kind of infidelity. A lie told to a spouse is an infidelity, for instance.
Couldn't find a bigger picture, Soc? Perhaps you could have converted it to Bitmap first, too?
Mallard ducks are 'friends'? How could you possibly know that ducks are friends, Socrates. Just because nature imposed fidelity on ducks, if indeed she did - is there empircal evidence of such? - doesn't necessarily mean that the ducks are friends.
Sorry, Soc; wrong!

Mating for Life? It's Not for the Birds of the Bees - The New York Times (external - login to view)

Not to say that adultery doesn't create guilt, or whatever, but, apparently not amongst the birds and bees.

Birds do it
Bees do it
Maybe ol Socratees do it.
The best and wors of any do it
An I don mean pick yer nose
An chew it.
Think it over and U mite do it



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