Smoking cessation through hypnotherapy

I've been smoking for 40 years and have tried everything to give it up Patches,gum,electronic gizmos and now something called Champix,nothing seems to work, my will power lasts a few weeks then it seems some evil alter ego takes over my mind and kicks my but down to the corner store to fulfill this overwhelming need for Nicotine. I've seen ads for hypnotherapy that claims to be effective but the thought of paying some guy $500 to swing a watch in my face and saying" YOU NEED TO GIVE UP SMOKING" doesnt seem plausible.Any one have any success with this method?
Half of the pharmaceuticals out there are as effective as they are because of the power of your own mind. Hypnotherapy helps you tap into that. But, the fact that you're questioning it means you'll probably doubt it enough for the placebo effect it can cause to not work. Which is too bad. Sometimes a little blind faith can be so helpful. lol.
tried it...didn't work......

for once "mind over matter"didn't work...which is surprising for me since I got no mind so it shouldn't matter.

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