Wow! What a strong emotion. Met a high school friend last week whom I haven't seen in 30 years and that chance meeting has gotten me to send more emails in a week than I usually write in a month or two; all trying to contact more old acquaintances. It's been fairly successful but boy, what a weird feeling; the yearning for yesteryear.
Pandoras box?
I have recently crossed paths with a couple of high school mates from 30 years ago on Facebook - Interesting how life's twisted highways cross and we meet at the intersections at times.
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Pandoras box?

Could be.
carpenter dave
I met up with some friends a couple of months ago ,after seeing one of them by a chance meeting we decided to try and contact the old group who used to hang around together .We hadnt seen each other for about twenty years of so .I had this image in my head of how we all used to look when we were younger .We all met up and my how we had all changed ,gone had the youthful looks ,the hair in most cases and the athletic figures of yesteryear replced with the good old home cooking .As the night went on we tried to relive the disco days and visited a club which played the music of the 70s and 80s ,brought back lots of memories of those hazey days of fun .After that it was off for a good old curry ,and home to our wives and back to reality .It was good to see the guys again and talk about old times but my how everone had change you cant hold back old father time
It's funny how this thread popped up this morning. I spent a good part of yesterday getting myself set up on facebook, mainly because my sister wanted me to keep in touch more. I went to high school in Edmonton and moved away years ago so I haven't seen or talked to any of the old crowd for 20 years. Well, one thing lead to another and I managed to find an old friend and put in a friendship request. I haven't heard back yet but it should be interesting.

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