Cool Garage Doors...

Cool Garage Doors.....think our HOA's would approve?
A German firm called Style Your Garage creates posters for garage doors that make it look as if your garage is where the action is.

Made for the up-and-over garage doors common in Europe , they mount with velcro and can be adapted to fit sectional garage doors.

If you've got a two-car garage, no worries they can make posters that will span both doors. Prices range from 199 to 399 Euros for the double-doorand the company can also turn a photo of yours into a garage poster, but you'll want to be careful with this, not everything can be blown up to 6.5 feet without looking weird!!.

What you see in the picture is what the whole poster looks like : (external - login to view)

What a great idea to freak out the neighbors. A police car would be a great deterrent for burglars.

Nice! This one might be fun too.

hahahah those are great. Love the wine cellar one!!!
Do you think that would up your chances of getting robbed? Maybe the gold stack would.

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