youtube politics Alex Jones Channel SUSPENDED HA HA HA HA

Free your mind
Alex Jones Channel SUSPENDED HA HA HA HA

what happens to channels on youtube is a drama in it self...!
Is it dumbing down or internet censorship
and counterproductive to free speech..?

or youtube right to do as they will when they see fit
Free speech lets you say positive statements about people and organizations If you say negative statements and untrue statements then the person or organization can take legal action against you if you can afford to pay millions of dollars then go for it.

Youtube is a business and has to follow the anti-hate laws they make money on their advertising and to allow hate speech or character assassinations is against their business model.

Money talks

Political correctness took away free speech a long time ago.

If a person tries to go against the status quo then that person will be stopped in their tracks.

We all have to remember because of the technological revolution big brother can watch you more easily.

Look at the file sharing sites; people at that time were taunting the record companies that they had the right to do whatever they pleased because of the Internet. These same people are finding out that the long arm of the law is reaching into the internet and is arresting them and shutting down their site and throwing them in jail.

The wild west of the Internet days are over it was nice while it lasted life goes on.

Jones suspended?

It must be a conspiracy!
The sleezy little creep misdirecter was recently outed as a tool of the Zionists, I suspect someone is trying to save his rep.
Scott Free
It took some time but someone in the Illuminati must have realized they had enough stock in Youtube to pull Jones' plug. I mean, what other explanation could there possibly be?

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