Nazis nazis nazis, spam, spam, troll, troll

Watch out, they're everywhere.

Nasty lil Aryans jist a lookin fer ya.

Bad bastards fer sure.

Be careful.

I was told this by "someone who should know"

Should we run away?
Scott Free
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Should we run away?

But you would just follow.
Is no one safe?
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Is no one safe?

Not you...
Don't run. Running away just gives them power.

Stand tall! Face them head on. Ignorance is unable to face the light
They are nothing but sheep in wolves clothing.
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They are nothing but sheep in wolves clothing.

They are your police officers, doctors, lawyers, judges, bosses, father in laws, etc . . . Yeah! Nothing to worry about!
They fear us more than we fear them. intimidation and bluster worked in Germany, but that was then and people were far more naive at that time. One would hope most reasonable people these days can see through the hate.
You know what. I thought the exact same thing until I came onto sites like these and realize that, No, most people don't see the hate and in fact, they perpetrate it further or worse act like apathetic know it all's that do nothing but flap their stupid gums, so after a while, you eventually act like one too. It's totally sad. I so wish it was different.
Pull back from the abyss, you are a reasonable person- your handle says so I've actually learned a lot on this site as there are many points of view. There are antagonists, **** kissers and people who make a tempest in a teacup. For the most part it's at least interesting.
That's the frustrating part. Everything is entertainment, including the important stuff. It seems that people talk only so that they can later say "See, I told you so." Too many self important points of views and nothing more. Apathy is the demise.

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