What if Climate Change was a Hoax ?

With Earth Day just having passed and brought to your attention the importance of cleaning up this dump called Earth, will you do your part to further help.

My part is to unplug Wall Adapters that use up to 11% of household electricity although they are not attached to any item..

The average city lot is so small that only 10 feet (3 metres)exists between new houses. How do we even grow much of a garden with yards like that?

A 4ft x 4ft garden box will keep give you a fresh veggie of some sort daily all summer long and enough to cover a couple months come full harvest. It is not the amount of space. It is how you utilize it.

Here is a cool fact. If every flower in a city were replaced with a flowering vegetable that is just as attractive, that city wouldn't need to import any veggies for a year and could export to feed people in the countryside. If all empty space in a city is used for food it also reduced the summertime heat build up by 10%.

Nearly free food and a 10% eduction in cooling costs is substancial. How would that effect you monthly bottomline?
If climate change is a hoax and it could well be I still think we should do what we can to preserve the world's resources and save ourselves money in the process. Climate or not there's going to come a day when we are going to run out of oil and by that time we are going to need a replacement unless we are piping it in from outer space.

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