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Chinese sending ships to scatter pirates
China National News
Friday 19th December, 2008

The Chinese Foreign Ministry has said that it will send People’s Liberation Navy ships to Somalian waters to combat pirates.

It will be the first operation of its kind and the first active deployment of the country's warships beyond the Pacific.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry announced it would send two destroyers and a large supply ship.

The ships will leave Sanya, Hainan province, after Christmas on a three-month mission.

The announcement came hours after nine pirates attacked a Chinese cargo ship with 30 crewmen in Somali waters on Wednesday.

But two warships and a helicopter of Malaysia rescued Zhenhua 4, owned by China Communications Construction Co.

The crew of the Zhenhua 4 used all materials at their disposal, including water cannon, self-made incendiary bombs, beer bottles and other missiles to battle with the pirates.'

It has been estimated that twenty percent of the 1,265 Chinese ships that have passed through thewaters in the first 11 months of this year have faced pirate attacks.

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By allan from philippines, 12-19-08, 05:18 AMChinese sending ships to scatter pirates

the attacks of this pirate must be stop at all cost, it is good that the chinese gov’t will send navy ships to protect the innocent people. the somali pirates should be shot immediately once the navy so them they do no good to everybody and they just destroying their countries dignity.By Anonymous, 12-19-08, 06:37 AMCooperate with friends to combat evil forces

China should return the good deed of Malaysian navy and return the favor to help each other in supply and share the work load in this trouble water.By fish, 12-19-08, 12:55 PMfor the sake of safe navigation for all

Navy ships are to maintain peace, stability and security on waters, whether it is one’s own waters or joint waters as mutually agreed.....rather than spying on others and making waves in foreign countries. China is doing the former, in spirit and in actuality. That’s the constructive use of the navy, rather than the abusive use and thus adding more destructions to this planet.By To: jocjoc, 12-19-08, 04:24 PMBomb everyone

While we are at it lets bomb the whole middle east except Israel, take out Zimbabwe, Indonesia and save the biggest bombs for Pakistan and India. If there are any bombs left lets blow up New Zealand as well just in case they get any ideasBy jocjoc, 12-19-08, 03:44 PMThe best to do is blanket bomb Somalian terretory. Sink all small boats and completely cripple their system.By joedy, 12-19-08, 07:13 PMChina.

Bomb the smithereens out of Somalia. Is there a working Government? Good idea to sink all unregistered small and large vessels out of sight in Somalia.
Ron in Regina
China is financially flush and is in a position militarily to do something about these Pirates.
Just two Destroyers and a large Supply Ship though? I thought they'd send in a larger fleet
to escort their own Cargo Ships to ensure their safety. Perhaps now that they've been
mastering their troop levitation technics, they think they'll need less ships, and their troops
will simply fly onto these Raiders boats to kick some Pirate butt? If one out'a five of all of
their ships passing through these waters have faced Pirate attacks, I'm going to assume this
will only be the beginning of the Military Ships that China will station in that area...

L Gilbert
Wouldn't cost much to put a couple light cannon on their ships. Load em with grape shot like in the old days of Long John Silver and the like. That'd clear any deck of some pirate boat.
Great! Now it's pirates and Chinese they have to watch out for.
L Gilbert
's on first ?

It is about time China played a more global role. Up to now, they have been growing their economy and not shouldering many of the costs of policing the seaways: all the benefits, none of the costs. Somebody else (usually the US or NATO) spends money to protect the shipping lanes, maintain order, etc. while China attempts to monopolize all the manufacturing and the economic benefits of safe seaways. Now they will get a taste of the costs involved with policing the trade routes so their goods can get to all their customers.
Perhaps WalMart should finance some ships to help combat piracy Most of the chinese product seems to end up on its shelves. Anyway,good for China.

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